Cigarette 39 Top Gun Unlimited

  • Length 38’ 9”
  • 41
  • 204 Gallons
  • 11,300 Lbs
  • 8'
  • 6’ 2”


The 39 Top Gun Unlimited was designed for high-horsepower applications. But for Cigarette, each vessel must be a balanced as a complete package, with each attribute complementing another. Staggering the engines allows them to be mounted lower in the boat to improve the center of gravity and balance–especially at high speeds and in rough conditions. This configuration also relates to the propellers, as they are closer together, and lower in the water, increasing the power transfer.


The spotlight is on the driver. Each control is functionally grouped on a double-anodized CNC cut aluminum alloy dash panel. The instruments are perfectly placed within the drivers field of vision, and while beautiful, the bolster seating is ergonomic, providing strong support, designed specifically for performance boating.


While the benefits of additional horsepower and staggered engines are immediately notable, the development process hardly stopped there. Aerodynamic research and development was conducted to provide Mercury’s new turbocharged engines with massive airflow to allow them to perform their best, the cabin and cockpit structure has been redesigned for improved strength with lighter weight and comfort. At any speed, the Top Gun Unlimited works with you.


Performance and luxury don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Using Cigarette’s proven systems, a plethora of paints, fabrics, trims, instrumentation, and other unique appointments are available for personalization. Step inside and become immersed in a unique atmosphere where each detail is precisely placed for its owner.



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