Cigarette 42’ X

  • Length 41’ 7”
  • 44”
  • 238 Gallons
  • 11,800 Lbs
  • 8'
  • 6’ 6”


The staggered engines allow them to be mounted lower in the boat to improve the center of gravity longitudinally, as well as the equilibrium–especially at high speeds and in rough conditions. This configuration also places the propellers closer together, and lower in the water, increasing the power transfer especially in rough seas. Its dramatic length to width ratio provides further stability in challenging seas.


You’ll know that the 42X is a Cigarette upon entry. The cockpit is especially deep and reassuring. At once, the refinements of the 42X are realized, as demonstrated by the new consoles which have been designed using feedback from experienced drivers and with extensive engineering and prototyping.


The 42X has emerged with an all new hull design for higher-powered engines, that addresses the changes in the dynamic center of gravity from added torque; this powerboat is capable of using up to twin 1350 HP engines with stability and control. Intelligent use of composite materials and construction techniques allowed for further weight reduction with improved vibration dampening and structural rigidity. Additionally, the hatch was redesigned for improved aeration of the extremely powerful engines.


Performance and luxury don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Using Cigarette’s proven systems, a plethora of paints, fabrics, trims, instrumentation, and other unique appointments are available for personalization. Step inside and become immersed in a unique atmosphere where each detail is precisely placed for its owner.



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